Sending a care package

The following instructions explain how to send a care package to a member of the Australian Defence Force who is serving overseas.  Please note Australia Post will accept parcels that conform to the below requirements until April 13, 2015.

A care package can be sent free of charge to the below AFPO address so long as it strictly complies with Australia Post guidelines.

In order to qualify for free postage, care packages can weigh no more than 2kg (cubed) and should be packaged within a “BX2” size box, which is available from Australia Post for approximately $2.40.

You will also be required to present photographic identification and fill in some customs forms. You should also use a liberal amount of packing tape to ensure that all of the contents arrive at their destination.

In order to ensure parcels reach the widest possible number of personnel, please ensure they are gender neutral and address all parcels to “An Australian Defence Member” and not to a specific job title, trade or unit.

Please note that Defence cannot accept care packages for Military Working Dogs or Explosive Detection Dogs due to their strict diet and training requirements.

The unique Australian Forces Post Office (AFPO) box will be open until 13 April 2015. 

In order to ensure the packages reach the troops by Anzac Day, all packages should be lodged with Australia Post no later than 13 April 2015.

Address Details

To send a care package to an ADF member posted overseas, address the package to:

An Australian Defence Member
ADF NSW 2890

What can and cannot be included

Be creative with donations while being mindful of Australia Post’s guidelines for the free delivery of care packages. The following are some suggestions, as well as general restrictions.


• Anzac biscuits

• Salted peanuts

• Muesli bars

• Instant Noodles

• Lollies

• Small tinned consumables

• Other commercially manufactured and packaged foods that are non-perishable


• Deodorant (non aerosol)

• Shaving cream (non aerosol)

• Small bottle of talcum powder

• Disposable razors

• Shower Gel

• Lip Balm

Other ideas

• Magazines – eg Vogue and Women’s Weekly to Men’s Health and Wheels

• Puzzle books

• DVDs

• Socks

• Letters of support

• Posters and letters from school children

• Stamped, self-addressed envelope – this way personnel can thank you for the package

What not to include

• Pornographic material

• Alcoholic beverages

• Any food prepared or cooked at home, including cakes and biscuits

• Clothing (except socks)

• Pork products

• Cigarettes

• Perfumery products