Policy FAQs

FAQs: DTO recruitment campaign

The Digital Transformation Office is calling on Australia’s best tech talent as it embarks on a national recruitment drive to accelerate the pace of digital transformation across the Australian Government.

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27th August 2015  |  Comments

Online Copyright Infringement Survey Q&A

The Government has released new research on the levels of online copyright infringement in Australia and why people choose to download content illegally.

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22nd July 2015  |  Comments


There is no question that it was a grave error of judgement on the part of the Q&A programme to allow Mr Zaky Mallah to participate in the live audience on June 22 2015

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13th July 2015  |  Comments

Community TV FAQs

Spectrum, or radiofrequency, is finite and spectrum management is a vital responsibility of Government. How we manage this scarce resource has implications for community TV but it is important to understand the facts about the debate.

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5th June 2015  |  Comments

FAQs: Data Retention

Metadata plays a central role in most successful crime investigations which is why it’s critical that our law enforcement and intelligence agencies can have access to this kind of data.

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1st April 2015  |  Comments

Q&As: Docsis 3.1

Docsis 3.1 allows NBN Co the possibility of offering much higher speed services on the NBN and trials are planned for 2016.

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13th March 2015  |  Comments

FAQs: Australia Post reform

Australians love their post service and that is why we will introduce sensible reforms to ensure it is viable for future generations.

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4th March 2015  |  Comments

FAQs: The Digital Transformation Office

The Commonwealth Government will establish a Digital Transformation Office (DTO) within the Department of Communications so that government services can be delivered digitally from start to finish and better serve the needs of citizens and businesses.

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23rd January 2015  |  Comments

FAQs on Television Captioning

The Government strongly supports all Australians having access to television services. Captioning of television services is an especially important part of achieving this goal.

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22nd January 2015  |  Comments

Online copyright infringement FAQs

The Government has sought the least burdensome and most flexible way of responding to concerns about online copyright infringement, while protecting the legitimate interests of the rights holders in the protection of their intellectual property.

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22nd December 2014  |  Comments