The Coalition’s Plan for Smart Cities

June 20, 2016
Media Releases

Our cities are at the frontline of action on climate change.  

The Turnbull Coalition Government understands liveable, accessible cities with clean environments – both major and regional – are essential economic assets. 

That is why a re-elected Turnbull Government will establish an investment fund to accelerate the deployment of clean energy, renewable energy and energy efficiency technology in cities through the Clean Energy Finance Corporation.

These investments will drive new jobs and enterprise, reduce greenhouse emissions and make our cities more resilient. They will lower the cost of living and put downward pressure on energy bills.

This initiative will support projects that demonstrate value for money and provide a return which will be reinvested in new projects. This will create a sustainable pool of funding with a target of up to $100 million each year.

We will also establish a $50 million competitive Smart Cities Program for local governments to collaborate and apply innovative technology-based approaches to improve the liveability of cities and their suburbs. 

Australia’s cities are home to the majority of our population and responsible for more than 80 per cent of national economic output.

The Turnbull Coalition knows that smart policy, smart investment and smart technology are critical to secure the prosperity of our cities and a high standard of living for all Australians.

The Smart Cities Program will incentivise councils to partner with communities, local business, not-for-profits and research institutes to create cutting edge technology solutions for urban problems.

A collaborative approach to cities is important for making measurable differences to people’s quality of life and delivering jobs and growth.

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