Remarks, Qld

July 7, 2016



Good afternoon.  As you have heard I have had very constructive discussions with Mr Katter and I thank him for the support that he has given my Government in respect of supply and confidence.

We have a lot of issues that we hold very dearly and hold in common. His values and objectives are in many respects very similar to those of the LNP, the Liberal Party, the National Party and we have a very common commitment to strong development particularly in Northern Australia and particularly with respect to water infrastructure.

It was a very good and constructive discussion with Mr Katter and again I thank him for his support.

Other than that of course as you know the counting continues. We are seeing positive trends in a number of seats but the counting will have to be concluded before we know the final result.

I should also note the announcement by S&P today and that is a reminder that our commitment to budget repair, to reducing the deficit, to reducing our debt, to managing our public finances responsibly must be a very high priority, absolutely a very high priority for the next parliament.

It is critical for the future of our economy, for the prospects for every Australian in terms of their business, their job, that we have our public finances in order and S&P has given us a reminder of that and as you know our Budget sets out a pathway back to balance over the next, over the forward estimates and into balance in the year after that.

So that will be our commitment and overall I remain confident that we will form a Government and we will do so and will unite the Parliament, so far as we are able to, unite the nation in a common purpose to continue to ensure that we have strong economic growth, we continue successfully to transition from the mining construction boom in a manner that is fair and offers opportunities, strong opportunities for these very exciting times which remain exciting.

Perhaps in some respects exciting in different ways but nonetheless exciting. These are exciting times of great opportunity, of great challenge.

S&P has reminded us that budget repair and responsible public finances are absolutely critical.

Thank you very much.


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