Speech at the Welcome Home Celebration for the 2017 Australian Invictus Team

October 18, 2017



Thank you very much Marise.

Athletes all, veterans all, heroes all - we thank you for your service and we thank you for your inspiration.

It’s good to see so many of you again. Last time we met we were in Sydney with Prince Harry and you’ve been hanging out with him at the Invictus Games where you’ve been so successful.

It’s great to see you again Gary. You kept Julie Bishop - Julie Bishop is here - you were part of our close personal protection team in Afghanistan years ago, not long before you suffered your injuries in the Black Hawk crash. And you kept us safe. You put your life on the line with your comrades to keep us safe there as you all do and have done every day.

We live in a dangerous world. There are many people that seek to do us harm and we know that the freedoms we exercise in this Parliament are due to you and those like you who have carried out with that ANZAC spirit the defence of our nation for generations.

We’re surrounded by Parliamentarians, the servicemen and women of tomorrow, all of these young people - their freedoms, their future depends on the sacrifices you have made and so many other brave Australians will make in the years to come.

You’re an inspiration. We thank you for what you’ve done.

You’ve demonstrated in the Invictus Games that you truly are unconquerable. As unconquered as is Australia’s commitment to freedom, our way of life, our democracy, the rule of law, the values that you have always defended.

So we’re all here - the leaders of the Parliament, the leaders of the armed forces - we’re all here to thank you and to honour you.

And we look forward to the Invictus Games in 2018 in Sydney. It’ll be a fantastic event.

And I know that you’ve done brilliantly in Canada. You’ll do even better in Sydney, no doubt.

But above all, what you will always do is demonstrate that indomitable, unconquerable spirit that is Invictus.

You are unconquered as are the values you have spent your service defending and the inspiration that you give to all of these young Australians is this - our values are worth fighting for, they will always have to be fought for and whatever adversity you suffer, with spirit and with courage you can overcome it.

Thank you for your service. Thank you for your courage. Thank you for your inspiration. You are unconquered.

Thank you so much.


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