Racist Leaflets distributed on Rosh Hashana condemned

September 25, 2014

Earlier today my staff were handed copies of a disgusting, racist leaflet which has apparently been distributed around parts of Wentworth. This hateful rubbish has absolutely no place in Australia.

The author of this poisonous material has chosen to distribute this material to Jewish households during Jewish New Year - a contemptible effort to frighten and intimidate Jews at one of the holiest time in the Jewish calendar.

Racism can only thrive in societies where it is tolerated. We should all condemn this act for what it is; a low and sickening attempt to undermine our nation's  harmony. We should have zero tolerance for racism and hate speech. They are not just a threat to their targets - in this case the Jewish community - but to the whole of our society.

Racism gnaws at the foundations of our successful and harmonious multicultural society and that is why our enemies, be it the authors of this pamphlet or ISIL itself, are so determined spread hatred, fear and division among us. Each and every one of us, regardless of our racial or cultural background, has a vital vested interest in Australia remaining free of racism and racial hatred. 

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