NBN Co Fails To Deliver at Mango Hill

August 24, 2012
Communications & Broadband

I am visiting Park Vista estate at Mango Hill which is being developed by Villa World. About thirty locals met me with the LNP candidate for Petrie Luke Howarth to complain about the lack of broadband or indeed any telecommunications infrastructure in the estate.

Villaworld told me they contracted with the NBN Co well over a year ago and have installed all of the pit and pipe ready for the fibre cables to be drawn. However eight months later nothing has happened. All of the civil works and 39 homes have been completed, but the only telecom access for the residents is wireless.

NBN Co are now promising Villaworld the fibre will be available by Christmas, but there is no certainty about that.

Talking to the anxious community at Mango Hill
I told the meeting that our criticism of the NBN Co’s approach was that it was costing too much and taking too long – under a Coalition Government devleopers like Villaworld would be free to use private sector contractors to install the fibre when they need it and be recompensed by the NBN Co if they chose to sell that infrastructure to the NBN Co.

The Park Vista estate is typical of the delays in greenfield fibre deployment at the moment – a consequence of the NBN Co’s monopoly and inability to meet the demands of developers who are more often than not caught between two stools – Telstra will not install copper as the NBN is coming, but because the NBN doesnt come, they end up with nothing.

Our businesslike and cost effective approach will ensure all Australians get access to very fast broadband sooner, cheaper and more affordably.

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