Doorstop - 10 August 2018

August 10, 2018





The NSW Branch of the ALP has put out a statement on the Emma Husar report that in short has found that claims of misconduct do have merit [indistinct].




I understand that this New South Wales Labor Party inquiry has made some findings that will now and should be referred to the Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority to be considered in the appropriate way. Any issues of workplace harassment or bullying should also be dealt with by the Department of Finance, and again there is an independent process there within the Department of Finance.


But the real question is when did Bill Shorten know about this? If you accept what he says he was the last person in the Labor Party to know what was going on.


How can somebody who claims to have been a defender of workers’ rights not be aware of what was going on at a time when others in the Labor Party leadership group knew about it, at the time when the New South Wales Labor Party had got a barrister to conduct an inquiry. Bill Shorten needs to tell us what he knew and when he knew it and what he did about it because at this stage his explanations are not believable.

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