Cyber Security

1st November 2013  |  Comments  |  Blog

In a number of media reports on Huawei, including this morning's  Australian where it reports the Prime Minister's restatement of the Government's position,  it has been stated that I have not received briefings from our security agencies on this matter.

That is not correct. Whether as the opposition spokesman, or now as the Minister for Communications, I have taken great care to understand as much as I possibly can about cyber security issues, both in relation to particular companies and more generally, including a detailed exposition of the technologies involved.

As a consequence I have had regular technical briefings and discussions on these matters with our security agencies both before and after the election.

Cybersecurity is a critical matter - in some respects our greatest vulnerability -  and a key line of defence is to raise the level of informed awareness in the community - in business, in government and in every industry, not simply telecommunications.

An important part of that process is to obtain a good understanding of how the Internet and its enabling technologies work - we can't all become telecom engineers or software developers (I certainly lay no claim to that level of technical expertise), but in order better to protect ourselves from cyber attack we need to question and learn from those engineers and specialists to raise our own layman's level of understanding of where and how risks can develop and what we must do to manage and mitigate them.

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