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Securing Australian Gas

Bill Shorten is once again deliberately misleading Australians. Either that or he does not understand Australia’s gas market.

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27th April 2017  |  Comments  |  Blog

Remarks, Qld

As you have heard I have had very constructive discussions with Mr Katter and I thank him for the support that he has given my Government in respect of supply and confidence.
We have a lot of issues that we hold very dearly and hold in common. His values and objectives are in many respects very similar to those of the LNP, the Liberal Party, the National Party and we have a very common commitment to strong development particularly in Northern Australia and particularly with respect to water infrastructure.

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7th July 2016  |  Comments  |  Blog, Transcripts

Centennial Park to be assessed for inclusion on the National Heritage List

I’m proud that my Government has prioritised Centennial Park to be assessed for the National Heritage List. It’s a wonderful green space that we all treasure and one of the birthplaces of the nation.

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15th June 2016  |  Comments  |  Blog

Reaching out to those in distress at Gap Park

I am funding better CCTV technology at Gap Park because we can encourage people away from self-harm if we reach out to them in time.

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8th June 2016  |  Comments  |  Blog

Ramadan Message

We are a nation that respects each other’s right to freedom of speech, thought and religion. That right, supported by our principles of democracy and law, bind us together into what I believe to be the most successful multicultural society in the world.

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6th June 2016  |  Comments  |  Blog

Blog: National Sorry Day - healing and reconciliation

On this day - Our National Day of Healing - and every day, I call on all Australians to acknowledge what was lost, and work together in a spirit of reconciliation based on mutual respect.  With optimism and hope, made real by hard work and commitment, we walk together in healing and in reconciliation.

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26th May 2016  |  Comments  |  Blog, Media Releases

Coalition announces $579m support package for dairy farmers

The Coalition Government has announced a $579 million support package to help Australian dairy farmers who have had their incomes retrospectively cut by dairy processors Murray-Goulburn and Fonterra.

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25th May 2016  |  Comments  |  Blog, Media Releases

Our successful multicultural society is built on secure borders

I rejoice in the vibrant diversity of our migrant nation. I’m proud to lead a country that welcomes refugees from shattered, war-torn corners of the world. And barely a day goes past when I don’t celebrate that we are the most successful and harmonious multicultural nation in the world.

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20th May 2016  |  Comments  |  Blog

Thank heavens for all the mothers!

Celebrate them, respect them and love them, today and every day.  What stronger, fiercer love can there be than a mother’s love?

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8th May 2016  |  Comments  |  Blog

Clearing up some misconceptions about Negative Gearing

It’s incorrect to say that the Grattan Institute paper advocates adopting Labor’s position on negative gearing and the capital gains tax discount. It also does not advocate using the proceeds to finance more spending.

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26th April 2016  |  Comments  |  Blog