Better broadband - sooner, cheaper and more affordably

July 25, 2013
Communications & Broadband

Our goal is for every household and business to have access to broadband with a download data rate of between 25 and 100 megabits per second by late 2016. To read the Coalition's NBN policy click here. To read the background documents to the policy click here.

Suburbs, regions, towns and business districts with the poorest services and greatest need for upgrades will receive first priority. 

Key prices for a Coalition NBN will be capped nationally, ensuring Australians in metropolitan and regional areas alike can obtain services at fair prices.

By contrast, under Labor's NBN wholesale charges per user will triple by 2021. 

To put further downward pressure on prices, the Coalition will unshackle the competitive telecom market that Labor tried to stamp out, and reduce the cost of the NBN to prudent levels. 

We will resolve the greatest failure of current broadband policies: the up to two million households and businesses across Australia that cannot get basic fixed broadband after more than five years of Labor government. 

Broadband infrastructure is necessary for our digital future, but on its own it is not sufficient. Businesses, governments, and communities must be creative and energetic in finding areas where the NBN opens the way for new, better, less costly or more convenient services and amenities. This will ensure the nation makes the most of the economic opportunities provided by very fast broadband. 




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