Thank heavens for all the mothers!

May 8, 2016

Thank heavens for all the mothers! Celebrate them, respect them and love them, today and every day.

What stronger, fiercer love can there be than a mother’s love?

I remember once when we were planting trees in a paddock and little Alex, not yet two, was playing nearby.

Lucy and I both looked up and saw a brown snake between us and Alex. Without a word she leapt through the air, over the snake, scooped up Alex and in another equally enormous bound was many metres away. It seemed to happen in an instant. I have never seen anyone move so fast.

Another time, smoke started to fill our house. Lucy, completely calm, woke me up. “There’s a fire. I’ll get the kids, you put out the fire.” And so we did.

And then when our children were sick, the best cure was wrapped in mummy’s arms. “You’re thermal, mummy.” Daisy used to say as she snuggled in.

Lucy’s love for children has always gone beyond her own.

She was an early chairman of the Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation and together we have sought to help those who help sick or disadvantaged kids.

We both believe that those of us who are well, with healthy families,  should count our blessings and wherever we can, reach out to help those who are not so fortunate.

Mothers’ Day is a time to recommit as parents to teach our sons to respect their mothers and sisters.  Disrespecting women doesn’t always end in violence against women, but that is where all violence against women begins.


And now we have two more mothers in our family. Our daughter Daisy and husband James have Jack, nearly three years old and full of all the energy and mischief of small boys. And she is expecting another child in September.

Our son Alex and his wife Yvonne have a daughter, Isla, who is nearly one. They live in Singapore, but yesterday we chatted on facetime as though they were here - little Isla reaching out to touch us on the screen.

Daisy with Jack, Yvonne with Isla  - another generation of mothers in our family, young women filled with a love as ancient as it is pure, a love that is so natural, so human it connects all of us today and from the beginning of time.

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