$30 million to support local parks and environment

May 21, 2016
Media Releases

A re-elected Turnbull Government will deliver a $30 million funding package to support local parks and environments.

Local parks and green spaces make our communities more liveable, healthy and sustainable. 

The Coalition will invest in local communities by investing in the parks, nature reserves, coastal and river areas that are important to them.

The centrepiece is $24 million in funding for a new Improving Your Local Parks and Environment Programme.

The programme will support local councils, community groups, environment groups and others to undertake revitalisation, maintenance, management and improvement works at local parks, nature reserves, rivers, coastal areas and community facilities, and build awareness to reduce littering and marine debris.

Projects could include revegetation, facility improvements, weed management, walkways, community gardens, riverside walks and riparian erosion management.

The programme will be complemented by Green Army teams of young Australians taking local action on local environmental projects throughout Australia.

The Coalition will also invest in our surf life savers that keep our local beaches safe through $1 million to support upgrades to cleaner outboard engines that have lower emissions and running costs.

A re-elected Turnbull Government will also support practical local action to tackle climate change by creating a $5 million Solar Communities programme to help local community organisations go solar.

Grants will be provided for the installation of roof top solar PV, small scale renewables, solar hot water and battery storage systems.

The programme will help organisations that provide invaluable services to their local communities go solar, reduce their emissions and power bills, and take advantage of cutting edge battery storage technology.

Hundreds of local community organisations across Australia will benefit, such as scout halls, sports clubs, Men’s Sheds, and Country Fire Authorities.

The Coalition has a strong suite of practical environment policies that improve local environments and effective renewable and clean energy policies, including a $1 billion Clean Energy Innovation Fund.

Australia has the highest per capita rate of household solar in the world. More than 2.5 million households and businesses have installed rooftop solar and solar hot water systems.

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