Government to appoint Children’s e-Safety Commissioner

September 18, 2014

The Abbott Government will deliver on its election commitment to appoint a Children’s e-Safety Commissioner, and is preparing legislation to enhance online safety for children to be ready for introduction to Parliament by the end of the year.

The Coalition has begun the process to select a Children’s e-Safety Commissioner to take a national leadership role in online safety for children. The Abbott Government is delivering on its election promise to enhance online safety for children, and we are working to have legislation ready to introduce into Parliament by the end of the year," said Minister for Communications Malcolm Turnbull.

"As well as establishing the Office of the Children’s e-Safety Commissioner, this package will also implement our commitment to ensure that there is an effective complaints system, backed by legislation, to get harmful cyberbullying material that targets Australian children removed from large social media sites," said Paul Fletcher, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Communications.

The Commissioner will also have the power to issue a notice requiring the person who posted the cyberbullying material to take it down. If the person does not comply the Commissioner will be able to refer the matter to police.

The Commissioner will take a national leadership role in children’s online safety initiatives across government to develop and implement policies to improve safety for children online.

The Office of the Children’s e-Safety Commissioner will work closely with agencies including the Australian Federal Police, state and territory police and other stakeholders including the internet industry, child protection organisations, and parent and teacher associations.

The Commissioner will administer funding of $7.5 million for online safety programmes in schools and $0.1 million to support Australian-based research and information campaigns on online safety.

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