JoJo the Dog returns to Blogging

July 30, 2013
Dog Blog

Okay I know its been a long time since I wrote a dog blog. But I have stuff to do. Lots of thinking which is what I do when you think I am sleeping.  I mean, how pathetic humans are thinking they KNOW what we dogs are thinking. "Fluffy is thinking she would like to go for a walk." That might be right. "Fido wants a cuddle." Yeah, right.

Anyway, the truth is that just as on the Internet nobody knows you are a dog, so too nobody knows you are a human? You may well think this blog is written by Malcolm, or Daisy, or Lucy or it could be Alex....but how do you know I don't write some of their material? 

Anyway - back to being a dog. It has been a bit lonely since Mellie died a few years ago. That was very sad. I miss my crazy one eyed, three legged sister. But the good news is that Daisy brings Bandit and Spook round a lot and I sleep over at her house quite a bit too. They are good fun at the farm as well. Annabel Crabb was okay but seemed to spend far too much time with her baby and not nearly enough paying attention to us. Bandit was quite put out "What's with the baby? Not much fur, no tail, doesn't chase anything." There is going to be quite a bit of of tension from the dog side of the household when Daisy's own baby arrives. I hope Bandit and Spook can cope. 

The election is approaching or is it? Kevin Rudd (who is a cat lover - I say no more) is keeping everyone guessing. Whenever it comes we are ready. We have our "Dogs 4 Turnbull" dog coats ready to wear and unless he runs down the clock to November it will still be cool enough to wear them.

See you on the hustings!

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