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May 25, 2012
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Today my bosses met with someone very distinguished – the humans of Mellie the dog, the famous silky terrier cross who died last December.

The humans’ names were Malcolm and Lucy, and they were very lucky to have known Mellie.  Although I never met Mellie myself, she had a reputation in surgeries around Sydney (she had visited most of them in her time) as a tough little dog.

She lost an eye and a leg but by the looks of things, she still kept her humans fit – no doubt by running them around.

Anyway, the humans came to my home at the Animal Referral Hospital in Homebush to launch a new machine called an MRI scanner.

Apparently it’s what the humans use to see what’s inside dogs (I hope they don’t find the doggy snacks I spirited away from my humans the other day!)

The machine uses magnetic fields and radio waves to map the bodies of us dogs.  Now that’s what I call animal magnetism!

It is very important to help dogs like Mellie so they can treat broken bones and find cancers.

I bet if Mellie were around they would have found a big heart.  Part of the eulogy to Mellie is now on the wall of our surgery.  It reads:

“How can it be that in a world of so much human tragedy, so much momentous and terrible change, we shed tears over the death of a little white dog?  Is it because, as Byron said, our dogs have all the virtues of man, without his vices?”

I’m not sure who Byron was but I think he was right!

A photo gallery is online here.

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