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Discussing our national economic plan with the people of Petrie, Queensland

Wonderful to be with Luke Howarth MP, Member for Petrie discussing our national economic plan for jobs and growth with the people of North Lakes, Queensland.

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9th May 2016  |  Comments  |  Speeches

Press Conference - Election 2016

At this election Australians will have a very clear choice: to keep the course, maintain the commitment to our national economic plan for growth and jobs, or go back to Labor and its higher taxing, higher spending, debt and deficit agenda, which will stop our nation’s transition to the new economy dead in its tracks.

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8th May 2016  |  Comments  |  Videos, Speeches

Op-Ed: Our plan for a successful transition to a diverse, innovative, 21st century economy.

This the most exciting time in history to be an Australian. The opportunities have never been greater so the challenge for us is to take advantage of them.Success is not guaranteed.

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7th May 2016  |  Comments  |  Speeches

Address at the National Cities Summit, Melbourne

Our cities are a part of our greatest economic assets. This is where most Australians live. 75 per cent of us live in our major cities and regional centres. Cities are vitally important to our strong economy and we have some of the best cities, the most liveable cities in the world.

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29th April 2016  |  Comments  |  Speeches

Speech at Port Arthur 20th Anniversary Commemoration Service

Despite the years, despite the healing, the sense of loss weighs heavily as we remember the horror that happened twenty years ago in Port Arthur. We will never be the same. For the lives of those who were lost and those who lost loved ones or witnessed the horror of what happened - your fellow Australians remember, we remember, and stand alongside you.

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28th April 2016  |  Comments  |  Speeches

Speech - Honouring those who have brought and who bring hope in times of despair

One hundred years ago today, Australians at home and abroad - along the far flung battle line gathered for the first time to remember the landing at Anzac Cove on the 25th of April 1915.

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25th April 2016  |  Comments  |  Speeches, Transcripts

Leadership Matters speech followed by Q and A session

Your iron ore is building cities around the world. You built China. I’m going to China tonight to cities that have been built with steel made from the iron ore from Western Australia. Your LNG is driving the energy, the industries, lighting up homes right across the Asia Pacific. But the greatest resource of Western Australia is not under the ground. It is you. It is the men and women of this state. It’s your sense of entrepreneurship. Your imagination. Your energy. Your courage. That’s what makes this state great and that is what has made it the export powerhouse of Australia for so many years. So I congratulate you and I’m honoured to be among you.

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13th April 2016  |  Comments  |  Speeches, Transcripts

Speech to LNG 18 Conference

The Prime Minister’s remarks to the LNG 18 Conference in Western Australia

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11th April 2016  |  Comments  |  Speeches

Speech to Liberal Party of Australia (Victorian Division) State Council, April 2016

Prime Minister’s Speech to the Victorian Liberal Party State Council

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9th April 2016  |  Comments  |  Speeches

Address to Westpac 199th Anniversary, Sydney

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull addressed Westpac’s 199th Anniversary in Sydney today.

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6th April 2016  |  Comments  |  Speeches