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$1 million to restore Bondi Pavilion

The historic Bondi Pavilion on Bondi Beach will receive $1 million under the Australian Government’s Protecting National Historic Sites programme.

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28th May 2015  |  Comments  |  Media Releases

Keeping our community secure

Keeping our country safe and secure is the highest responsibility of the Federal Government and increased funding in the Budget will strengthen our capacity to do so.

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27th May 2015  |  Comments  |  Media Releases

Budget doubles road funding for Wentworth

Wentworth is getting a boost from the Federal Government’s record $50 billion investment in road and transport infrastructure, with Roads to Recovery funding doubling in the 2015 Budget.

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20th May 2015  |  Comments  |  Media Releases

Jobs for families package delivers choice for Wentworth

The 2015 Budget delivers a $4.4 billion Jobs for Families package to give Wentworth parents more choice and opportunity to work.

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14th May 2015  |  Comments  |  Media Releases

Funding for social benefit projects in Wentworth

Wentworth has received a significant boost in the 2015 Federal Budget, with $150,000 in funding to support projects that deliver social benefits.

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14th May 2015  |  Comments  |  Media Releases

Growing jobs and small business in Wentworth

The 2015 Federal Budget is the next step in the Government’s plan to build a strong, safe and prosperous future for all Australians, according to the Member for Wentworth, Malcolm Turnbull.

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13th May 2015  |  Comments  |  Media Releases

Release: Investing in digital transformation

The Government is investing $254.7 million in the Digital Transformation Agenda to drive innovation and make it easier for individuals and businesses to access government services.

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12th May 2015  |  Comments  |  Media Releases

Join Australia’s diabetes conversation

Member for Wentworth Malcolm Turnbull is calling on the local community to have their say about the best ways to prevent, treat and cure diabetes.

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1st May 2015  |  Comments  |  Media Releases

An invitation that could save your life

Australian women aged 50 – 74 will receive an invitation that could save their lives as part of a Federal Government campaign to boost breast cancer screening in at risk groups.

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22nd April 2015  |  Comments  |  Media Releases

WWI Widows head to Gallipoli

Ten widows of Australian First World War veterans head to Gallipoli this week for this year’s Anzac Day Services.

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20th April 2015  |  Comments  |  Media Releases