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Speech: The Importance of Tech Education in Our Schools

To remain competitive in an increasingly interconnected world we need to ensure that the curriculum equips students for the jobs of tomorrow.

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24th October 2014  |  Comments  |  Blog, Speeches

Eulogy for Gough Whitlam

Gough Whitlam’s Prime Ministership was a tipping point, a fulcrum point, in our history, and he was able to embody and personify a time of change. By capturing our imagination with such optimism, he will always be a symbol of the greatness, the importance, the value of public life—an example to all of us. We can leave the political agenda to one side, we can leave the debate about his measures to one side and just remember that big, generous, witty, warm man.

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21st October 2014  |  Comments  |  Blog, Speeches

AFR Gets It Wrong on Broadband Demand

A story in The Australian Financial Review has wrongly quoted figures from the recent Cost Benefit Analysis to claim that the conclusions of the report ‘appears to contradict’ ABS data.

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8th October 2014  |  Comments  |  Blog

Vertigan panel lays out path to less telecommunications regulation

A landmark report to the Government on the telecommunications industry has laid out a path to a less regulated more competitive market, consistent with the regime that applied to the sector prior to the National Broadband Network.

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1st October 2014  |  Comments  |  Blog, Media Releases

‘Cut Our Budget And The Pig Gets It’: The Future of ABC Programming

The Australian taxpayer provides a combined total of nearly $1.4 billion each year to the ABC and SBS to deliver broadcasting and digital media services in line with their respective Charter obligations. The ABC’s budget allocation is more than $1 billion a year.
So we are duty bound to repair the Federal Budget and that means raising extra revenue and reducing expenditure.

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30th September 2014  |  Comments  |  Blog

Racist Leaflets distributed on Rosh Hashana condemned

Statement on racist leaflets distributed on Jewish New Year.

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25th September 2014  |  Comments  |  Blog

Michelle Rowland fails NBN history and economics.

Michelle Rowland wrong on NBN history and economics.

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12th September 2014  |  Comments  |  Blog

The Future of Community TV

Government announcements on the future of community television

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11th September 2014  |  Comments  |  Blog

FAQs:  Responses to common criticisms of the NBN Cost-Benefit Analysis

Frequently Asked Questions on the NBN Cost Benefit Analysis.

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6th September 2014  |  Comments  |  Blog, Media Releases

Why Jason Clare is Misleading About the Progress of the NBN

Earlier today, Jason Clare continued to make false claims about the progress of the NBN on Weekend Sunrise.

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6th September 2014  |  Comments  |  Blog